UNL doesn't look to be breaking its relationship with Pepsi anytime soon.

It offered Pepsi its third 10–year contract as the exclusive official soft drink of UNL and Nebraska athletics.

It would be served at all of it's functions.

Regents still need to approve it.

UNL students who talked to Channel 8 actually felt indifferent about it.

"I'm not necessarily a soda drinker myself, so I don't think the 10–year contract would really affect me too much," senior Trent Hoppe said.

"I know you can go a block away from the Union and get a Diet Coke if you really want to," senior Allison Black said.  "So I honestly don't think it probably changes that many peoples' tastes and behaviors."

The proposed contract would generate around 1 point 8 million dollars per year.