From skyscraper to cornfields, a new ABC comedy set in Nebraska will chronicle the lives of a newlywed couple that moves from New York City to the good life.

Bless This Mess follows Rio (Lake Bell) and Mike (Dax Shepard) as they deal with moving, finding new jobs, and fixing up their new Nebraska farmhouse. 

The couple soon finds out their new home isn't for everyone, and face plenty of challenges in their new home - including dealing with an extreme fear of cows. 

While the series is set in Nebraska, most of the filming and product took place out of state. 

The series is from 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios.

Lake Bell and Elizabeth Meriwether are co-creators and executive producers.

Jake Kasdan, Melvin Mar, Erin O'Malley, Katherine Pope and Dax Shepard serve as executive producers.

The series premiere of Bless This Mess airs Tuesday, April 16 at 8:30 (CT) on ABC. 

You can watch the trailer here: ABC's Bless This Mess.