Lincoln Police Officer, Taylor Murphy, is being commended for her bravery as she ran into a burning duplex and rescued a Lincoln man. 

Officer Angela Sands said Murphy was driving to work Monday afternoon when she was flagged down by a child near 10th and B. 

"The juvenile told her that her house was on fire and there was someone still inside," Sands said. 

Murphy ran in and was able to help the man out. At that point crews started arriving to fight flames that were pouring out of a window on one side of the duplex. 

A neighbor next door said the fire could have been much worse, she commends Murphy's courage.

"That was really cool, it's kind of intense to do that kind of thing and thankfully it was only a kitchen fire," Megan Marra said.

Investigator said residents on that side of the duplex left food on the stove unattended, causing the fire. 

It took crews 30 minutes to get the fire under control.

"Due to the way older houses like this are constructed, the fire was able to get into a lot of void spaces and spread around the structure," Battalion Chief Jeremy Gegg said. "Which requires us to work a lot harder to open up the walls and ceilings just to make sure we're able to extinguish all those hidden flames." 

Lincoln Fire and Rescue Public Information Officer Nancy Crist said four bedrooms on the affected side of the duplex had to be gutted after the fire, as they didn't want it to reignite. 

The fire caused $170,000 worth of damage. 

Three people live on the side of the duplex that was on fire, two people live on the other side that has only smoke and water damage. 

All are displaced for now.

Sands said the officer who rescued the man suffered from minor smoke inhalation but was able to continue onto work. She didn't require emergency medical treatment.