Snow is falling outside, but you'd never know its winter inside Oak Creek Plants and Flowers because it’s packed full of flowers in full bloom.

“Thousands and thousands of stems,” owner John Christensen said.

Valentine's Day is their busiest day of the year. Their florists have been preparing for weeks getting ready to make hundreds of arrangements for your loved ones.

But Christensen has a warning for those heading online to buy.

"Ordering online is a good idea but you have to do your due diligence to make sure you're actually at a florist that's in the city you're sending the flowers to,” he said.

He said there's a handful of websites that are order gatherers that take orders and payments and send them to a local shop, like Oak Creek.

While those sites work, Christensen says they charge several fees, so if you pay them for a $100 arrangement– you're more likely getting just $60 worth of flowers or less.

"If you go to Oak Creek's site and place a $100 order on Oak, you're going to get $91 worth of flowers and be charged a $9 delivery fee,” Christensen said.

He said this is the case for most local florists.

"You're not only getting a better value for your money if you do your research,” he said. “You're also supporting people like you who are in Lincoln working hard for a living."

A few other tips if you're on a budget this Valentine's Day:

Roses and lilies are among the more expensive flowers while Christensen said carnations and daisies are cheaper, so not every arrangement has to be in the triple digits.

"35 and up is a reasonable place to start, thought something small can be done with less, like single flowers in a vase or potted plants,” Christensen said.

Oak Creek takes orders up until they close on Valentine's Day but the earlier you place your order the better.

Here’s a list of other local floral shops:

Burton Tyrell’s Flower, A Bloom, House of Flowers, Flowerworks, Gaga’s Greenery and Flowers, Petal Creations, Stem Gallery and I Bloom Flowers.