Starting off the day with a green smoothie is part of Erin Stanczyk's normal routine.

The blogger, health coach, and new mom has a lot on her plate but she still makes her health a top priority.

With a passion for healthy living and helping others Erin decided to start sharing her plant-based life on social media and quickly gained a following.

“I came up with the idea eat move rest because it was kind of on the premise that there are three things we all do every day but we could all be doing them better- eat move rest,” Erin Stanczyk, co-founder of EatMoveRest said.

On Instagram Erin's colorful photos, recipes, and workout ideas have garnered her over 26,000 followers.

She also teamed up with her husband Dusty to start a vlog called EatMoveRest where they document their plant-based life on YouTube to their over 16,000 subscribers.

While the couple now eats a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts that wasn't always the case.

They use their story of finding a plant based diet to inspire and coach others on how to lead a healthier life.

“How can I convince these guys that this is something good? That this is something sustainable? I personally thought i was going to shrivel up and die. I'm actually stronger, fitter, healthier, than I did when I was 20,” Dusty Stanczyk, co-founder of EatMoveRest said.

The couples know a plant-based lifestyle isn't for everyone, but they say they're just trying to inspire people to live their best and healthiest lives.

“It's not a one size fits all. There's not magic bullet, recipe, or perfect workout, but just to kind of realize that eat move rest is all about finding your best version of doing those three things,” Erin said.

The couple is showing us all that we could all be a little healthier by eating, moving, and resting.

If you want to check out their blog EatMoveRest click here.