Mailbox after mailbox was taken out by a City snowplow driver Sunday morning.

From 32nd all the way to 60th Streets along Normal Boulevard mailboxes were scattered in front yards, snapped off their posts, or all together missing.

After hearing from numerous viewers that it's near impossible to get the city to pay for a replacement Channel 8 Eyewitness News reached out to city officials to see what they're doing for these homeowners.

"We've been back out both on Monday and then yesterday verifying with a photo log and again kind of going door to door to make sure everyone has contact information and make sure everyone understands the process to file a claim," Lonnie Burkland, the Assistant Director of Transportation for the City, said.

Burklund said they're trying to help affected homeowners with the process of filing a claim.

He said they haven't talked with the snowplow driver who took out all the mailboxes and no disciplinary actions have been taken.

The City said they plan to review how drivers are trained and make any necessary changes to prevent this from happening again.

While homeowners can file a claim it can take weeks for the City to approve it.

"We're going to try to expedite that process. I know several of them have had temp fixes that are back up already, we just want to make sure we make that situation right," Burkland said.

So how does the City determine if they will pay for a claim?

Under the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act, negligence has to be proven on the part of the City before they will pay up.

The City law department investigates claims looking for signs of negligence and says each claim is determined differently.

"It depends, it's case by case. Maybe there's operator error, maybe there's something someone should have done and didn't," Miki Esposito, the Director of Public Works, said. 

For all the mailboxes taken out along Normal, the City says it's a unique situation and one they're looking to make right.

If you're one of the people affected by this incident you can find more information about filing a claim with the City by clicking here