At the Nebraska State Capitol on Thursday afternoon there were two bills being heard by the revenue committee.

All in an effort to tackle the problem of property taxes in the state of Nebraska.

"Could be a part of a broader solution to provide meaningful property tax relief,” Steve Ebeke a Nebraskan Farmer said.  

In one of the bills, which was introduced by Senator Groene, it would reduce the taxation valuation of agricultural properties in Nebraska by 10%.

With a lot of schools being funded in part because of property taxes they would be affected the most if this bill were to be passed.

So opponents say the final price some schools would be paying would not be worth it.

"We do understand the need to create property tax relief especially for our farming communities we do want to reach that goal while still fully supporting our public schools and educational service units,” Jack Moles of the Nebraska Rural Schools Association said.

In the property tax relief bill introduced by Senator Kate Bolz of Lincoln, she is aiming to implement what they say would be a property tax circuit breaker.

The bill would try to protect taxpayers earning below a certain income level be given some property tax relief.

These two bills were just being heard, and there was not a formal vote on Thursday afternoon, but the committee is expected to vote on both bills in the near future.