Right now, CBD oil is under the Controlled Substance Act, so it's illegal, but some people are still selling it. 

Sen. Justin Wayne says the law isn't enforced, so he introduced the bill to make sure no CBD stores in Nebraska have legal trouble. 

"The legislation will legalize CBD oil, which comes from a hemp plant, that is not THC, well, a little THC, that you cannot get high off of," Sen. Justin Wayne said. 

People take CBD pills, gummies or drops to help with anxiety, pain and inflammation. 

In 2017, Attorney General Doug Peterson made CBD an illegal substance claiming that CBD oil is in the legal definition of marijuana under the Nebraska Uniform Controlled Substance Act. 

"When this bill was originally passed a long time ago, the ban, people didn't know what the difference was, how to break it down, the difference between hemp and marijuana," Wayne said.

Marijuana is a plant that has high levels of THC, which is what gets a person high, and very low amounts of CBD. Hemp is the opposite. 

"These products are different from marijuana in the simple fact that they're not derived from marijuana, they're derived from hemp," Adam Brewer, owner of CBD Remedies, said. 

CBD Remedies has been opened since August 2017. 

Brewer said he opened the store when he saw the benefits CBD had on his friends. 

He said he felt like it was a good opportunity to help people. 

CBD Remedies typically sees 20-30 customers. 

"I've preferred the benefits of CBD over prescription medication for at least my mild anxiety," Bryan Corkle, CBD Remedies customer, said. 

"Our retailers want to sell it, and our consumers want to buy it. It shouldn't be illegal here in Nebraska," Wayne said.