At the University of Nebraska’s College of Law, mayoral candidates came together for a debate, as they tackled questions from students about the future of Lincoln.

While there were many concerns the student's main question to these candidates was why they should stay in the capital city after they graduate.

"Lincoln is on an exciting path and there are so many more opportunities here than there were even one year, two or three years ago we need young professionals to say and help be the next generation of positive change build economic opportunity and help make this a more inviting welcoming community for all,” Leirion Gaylor Baird said.

Right now the city is the middle of pothole season, so a question currently on everyone's minds is how these candidates would handle treating the roads.

"I think we need to do, it's about priorities. We need to prioritize our spending put more money toward our road and maybe take a look at what kind of materials we are using and if we actually are doing joint ceiling enough joint ceiling to keep potholes from popping up,” Cyndi Lamm said.

Another concern for a lot of voters is how the different candidates feel about the quarter-cent sales tax increase.

Some believe that it's a step in the right direction for the future of Lincoln.

"Well I think the quarter-cent is a step in the right direction and part of the reason is why it works so well is because it's dedicated strictly for streets and frankly 30% of it is going to come from non–Lincoln resident who drive our streets and do business here but they are no Lincoln residents that are helping out with the streets that we use,” Jeff Kirkpatrick said.

There are two other mayoral candidates who were not able to attend the candidate forum, Krystal Gabel and Rene Solc.

The primary election for the Lincoln