Nebraska assistant football coach was at practice Wednesday. The outside linebackers coach is battling throat cancer and became overcome with emotion speaking to the media afterwards about the support he's received from current and former players.

"My guys call me pretty much every day," Dewitt said. "To check on me, and then um....excuse me.

"When your former players call you and former people you've worked with call ya, you know you've done some good things, because those kids call me every single day to make sure I'm doing alright and hanging out OK. So it's been really good. My guys help me out a lot, more than they know."

The current Nebraska players also made sure Dewitt knew he's being supported. 

"He's going through a lot harder stuff than what we're going through on the field, so like I said, just let him know we are there for him," said JoJo Domann, a junior outside linebacker. "So yeah I guess you could say it does give us that little extra energy to go even harder knowing that our coach is battling a bigger battle."