This isn't the first time, not even in recent years, that the state has had to deal with multiple weather phenomenons at the same time. 

"I declared an emergency, and that authorized Nebraska emergency management agencies to start working with local jurisdictions, other state agencies and other stakeholders to begin to coordinate response and recovery activity," Gov. Pete Ricketts said.

On Wednesday, many roads in the panhandle closed due to snow, and towns in central Nebraska evacuated due to flooding. 

Nebraska National Guard Major General Daryl Bohac said the National Guard is ready to step in if towns are in need. 

"We're ready and we've alerted our soldiers and airmen to be ready to respond," Bohac said. 

The safest thing people can do is stay in place. Do not travel unless it's necessary. 

Do not try to go through flooded roadways. It doesn't take much for a car to get stuck. Also, do no travel closed roads or go around barriers. 

Officials say if you live close to any waterway, you should monitor it over the next few days. Some could see the effects of this storm through the weekend, so just because the rain stops, doesn't mean the threat of flooding does.