Along the Platte River near I–80 at Horseshoe Lake, officials have evacuated all homeowners.

Allen Roos has lived in his house on Horseshoe Lake for 9 years, and according to him and all of his neighbors, this flooding is as bad as it's ever been.

"I talked with some of my neighbors that's been there for 18 years and they say it's the worst they've ever seen it,” Allen Roos a Horseshoe Lake resident said.

Allen evacuated to his second home in Lincoln away from the flooding and he is hopeful that this is the worst his house could see.

"Well praying, just kind of hoping that the waters going to go down. Thank god they're getting some snow out west at least it won't be washing down and we never got our three inches of rain here in Lincoln, I think we got a half inch or so that helped,” Roos said.

Even though Allen’s house is nearly flooded he realizes the cost and the pay off he gets for having a home on the river.

"It gets your attention you know I'm about 17 feet from the water and but you know you take the good with the bad, it's pretty nice you lay your fishing pole out there against the fence and catch all the catfish you want in the summer time so you know it's a little risky but I mean you accept that when you buy a house on the river,” Roos said.

But even with the flood waters from Platte River being only one foot away from his home, he says even in the worst case scenario Allen is still looking at the bright side.

"If the house gets flooded we'll send a bunch of professionals down here and clear it up you know let it dry out and we will be there for the summer,” Roos said