Nebraska Task Force 1 was deployed to Columbus, spending the day rescuing people from homes near the Loup River. 

A nine member crew was dispatched from Lincoln early Thursday afternoon. 

“The rescue situation was dynamic," team leader Dan Ripley said. "We never make as many rescues as we’d like. We did rescue someone along with their three dogs but many rescues quickly turned into helicopter operations” 

The fire department, Nebraska Task Force 1, and the National Guard worked through the night making rescues. 

They said dozens of people were left stranded in homes, but said it's been difficult to keep an accurate count.

“Very historic in challenges the wind was our biggest challenge, the cold weather was as well, we’re in the water, and they’re wearing wet suits but they can still get hypothermic," Ripley said. "And the amount of waves we’ve seen is unparalleled.”

NE-TF1 will make its way back to Lincoln Friday, but rescue efforts continue in Columbus. 

Three Nebraska National Guard helicopters worked through the night to reach those still stuck in their homes.