All Sarpy County residents along the Platte and Missouri rivers are encouraged to evacuate at this time.

Conditions are changing rapidly, and the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office is encouraging people to leave if they live near either river. Officials say even if you can't see water, you should evacuate now as many roads are covering with water and you may become trapped.

At this time Sheriff's Deputies are going door-to-door in Villa Springs to alert residents to the evacuation request. Due to rising water levels, all residents in Villa Springs should evacuate immediately. 

Villa Springs is along the Platte River at 132nd Street and Buffalo Road. Sarpy County Sheriff's Office deputies will be going door to door in the area to alert residents.

Evacuation notices remain in effect for the Sands Trailer Court and on the south side of Hanson Lake #2.

All residents who live near the Platte or Missouri rivers should monitor the current river conditions and take precautions, as conditions can change rapidly.


(Photo courtesy our partner station KMTV)