In Crete, the Big Blue River rose considerable overnight.

The town has made an emergency declaration warning of the potential dangers of rising flood waters.

The water rose so much over night, employees of Aqua Plumbing and Heating came in to work, only to find it their office building underwater.

"Last night, roads we're fine out here in front of the shop. I came in this morning and the road was closed down, we kind of flagged it out and it's just progressively gotten worse and deeper," said Tom Blacketer.

Waist deep water has made its way closer and closer into town.

It all comes from the Big Blue River, which is running as high as it ever has in Crete's history.

"It's just unbelievable. Never seen it in my life. I'm from here, born and raised. I've never seen the river ever get this high," said Blacketer.

Since the water levels are expected to continue to rise, on Thursday night, Crete's mayor and city council met and decided to call an emergency declaration, warning people of the dangers the flood waters could pose.

"In all of the years that I've been here, this is easily the worst that I've seen, including the 86' and 93' events that we experienced," said Crete city administrator Tom Ourada.

To make matters worse, the water levels aren't even at their peak yet.

The crest is expected to hit on Saturday afternoon.

If it gets too high, there's talk that the main bridge to get out of town could be closed.

"The best information we've been provided is that the water will rise possibly another foot in the next twelve hours or so," said Ourada.

As of now, there are no mandatory evacuations in Crete.

Even with the Crete community on high alert due to the worst flooding in at least 25 years, city officials say they feel fortunate compared to some of the other areas of the state.

"I would say that we're a lot luckier than a lot of other communities in Nebraska right now," said Ourada.