From: State Press Release

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) representatives will be in Lincoln Tuesday to work with Bryan Tuma, Director of NEMA, on an expedited declaration of emergency to submit to the White House.

In addition, Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting to survey damage with Governor Ricketts. 

“We have not had a disaster that has been this widespread in the state, I don’t think, ever,” Governor Pete Ricketts said yesterday while visiting Wood River. “We’ve had disasters where we’ve had a greater loss of life. But as far as how many places have been touched by this, I don’t think there’s ever been a disaster this widespread in Nebraska.”

As people are able to return to their homes, the reality of the devastation becomes clear.

Overnight, more cities made emergency declarations bringing the total to 75.

There are now 65 counties under emergency declarations, as well.

That’s nearly 70 percent of the state’s 93 counties. 

Recovery is beginning to occur in many places, and knowing where to turn for information on what to do next can be overwhelming.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) website is continually updating information to answer the many questions on resources available.

You can access that information at

There are helpful documents that can answer many questions on what needs to be done.

NEMA has established a hotline for questions from persons affected by the floods.

You can reach that call center at 402-817-1551.

For information on debris cleanup, contact the Crisis Cleanup Hotline at (402) 556-2476.

Farmers who have lost machinery or livestock should report to the Farm Service Agency office.

County office contact information can be found on the agency’s website at

Nebraska Strong is not just a hashtag; it’s a way of life

. Nebraskans and people from throughout the country are offering their help.

All donations – monetary, goods and services, volunteers – are being coordinated through Nebraska 211.

To access Nebraska 211, dial 211 within the state.

Outside of Nebraska, call (866) 813-1731.