Crews are working around the clock to get Lincoln's city wells back up an running at full capacity.

The City of Lincoln and Omaha Public Power District crews continued working Thursday to restore power and repair city water collection wells near the Platte River, which reach historic flood levels over the weekend.

Following repairs Wednesday water production rose from 32 to 40 million gallons a day, allowing Mayor Chris Beutler to lift mandatory water restrictions for residents and businesses.

Those restrictions are now voluntary, with a reduction of 25 percent in usage.

Lincoln's water remains safe to drink, residents and businesses are still urged to reduce their consumption

Some tips offered by the city include, avoiding outdoor watering, taking shorter showers, delaying dish washing and laundry, using disposable dishware and turning off the faucet while shaving and washing your hands.

Following construction of a new access road, OPPD crews are now installing new power poles and lines to wells closest to the Platte River.

The teams  from Lincoln Water system and OPPD used a helicopter to access and inspect equipment in the well fields on Thursday afternoon.

When at full capacity, the wells will significantly increase drinking water production capability for the entire system.

If you have any questions visit for the latest Lincoln Water System operations updates during flood repairs.