A Lincoln church loaded up and headed out bright and early this morning with a mission to help flood victims.

Southview Baptist Church, which is near 13th and Arapahoe, teamed up with four other churches  and sent about a dozen people to help in valley, Nebraska, which is southeast of Fremont.

They hit the road around 8 a.m. with a trailer full of tools and other supplies.

"The town part where the houses are 80–90 years old every single one of them got water in their basements if they have basements and those sort of things, so we're going to go and help clean out basements basically that's the main thing we know, said Southview Baptist Church Pastor Aaron Householder ."

The group spent the day in valley helping about half a dozen homeowners clean up their homes.

They did everything from ripping out drywall to pumping water out of basements.

Southview Baptist Church says they want to go back to help more people as it will take months for many of the residents to begin recovering and rebuilding.