Rapid snow melt and heavy rain created devastation in northeastern Nebraska and many people are still picking up the pieces.

March's historic flooding diminished the Spencer Dam to rubble.

The dam's collapse took out a rural water line leaving hundreds of people in Boyd County without running water.

“As far as services, no water, but they have port-a-potties around. Our sewer system has been compromised for right now, it filled up with sand so they will try to get that resolved," Bob Langenhorst, a resident of Lynch said.

Residents in the county have already been without running water for nearly a month and it could be another month before it returns.

Boyd County officials estimate fixing the dam and restoring the rural water line will cost over two million dollars.

FEMA will cover a portion of the repairs, leaving Boyd County to foot the remaining $400,000.

County officials say it could take years to receive the money from FEMA, so they've set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the dam's repairs.

As of Sunday afternoon almost $23,000 had been collected.

Now that waters have receded residents are starting to clean up their homes and communities.

In Lynch where hundreds of homes and businesses were flooded, people have started gutting homes and throwing away items ruined by flood waters.

Volunteers have been pouring into the tiny village helping to clean up the community pool and local parks.

At the Community Hall in Spencer donations and volunteers have been pouring by the dozens in to help.

While it will take months to rebuild all the washed out roads and even longer for families and farmers to recovery many people told us Nebraska will come back even stronger than before.

After all Nebraska isn't for everyone, but those who live here know just how strong the state's spirit really is.