A cigar lounge in south Lincoln hosted a big party tonight.

They're hosting it because they have Alec Bradley Cigars President Alan Rubin in town.

Alec Bradley brand cigars are sold worldwide and they have brand lounges around the world, including Europe and Canada.

But Capitol Cigar Lounge here in Lincoln is their first brand lounge in the United States.

Rubin said he set up here first because Capitol Cigar Lounge partners Tony Goins and Austin Hillis align with him on how to create a great cigar experience.

"They are in Lincoln," Rubin said.  "They want to bring something to the community here, to the city of Lincoln.  They want a place for people to come and get to know one another better, spend time together and bond together.  And I want to be a part of that."

The event didn't just include cigars and drinks.  It also had barbecue and live music.