W.C.'s South Sports Bar was just awarded Lincoln's Number One Dive Bar. 

Ground Zero, an entertainment section in a Lincoln newspaper, looked at establishments in the area that could be considered dive bars and came up with a sixteen bar bracket. Residents could then vote on which bar they thought should win.

Chuck Cheever, the owner of W.C.'s, said in round one it was just a handful of votes that pushed them closer to first place. In the third and final round, he says they won by a long shot. Cheever said he gives credit to his dad for originally purchasing the bar back in the eighties.

"My dad decided to buy a bar. So in February in 1985 he bought it and I've been here running it for him," Cheever said. "He passed away a couple years ago so we're just keeping his name and tradition alive."

W.C.'s South Sports Bar owner also wanted to thank the customers who continue to support the bar.