As Husker fans entered into the stadium for the Spring Game they were met by a volunteer from the Red Cross raising money for Nebraska flood relief.

"First of all, it puts chills on the back of my neck that we're tied in with Huskers football and athletics have at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. But you know, knowing we're helping our friends and family out fellow Nebraskans it just makes me feel good and that you know why I'm a part of the Red Cross,” Tim Neal of the Nebraska Red Cross said.

You might recognize some of the Red Cross volunteers, as it brought former Huskers like Heisman trophy winner Eric Crouch.

“There's lots of farmers, people, average joe's whatever people with money that lost everything and so to be able to help them get their lives back on track and support that I'm all about that,” Eric Crouch Heisman Trophy Winner said.

It wasn't just past Huskers athletes who came out, it also brought current student-athletes who wanted to help out the state that supports them.

"They do so much for us, and as student-athletes, we don't realize the impact that we can have on the community around us and so recognizing that recognizing the impact you have, you've to go to use it however you can,” Simon Wiedel Husker Track and Field Athlete said.

For all of the volunteers seeing Husker fans give back to their neighbors who have been affected shows off what Nebraska is truly all about.

"We're compassionate people, we like to help we want to see our neighbors succeed, we want to see our success so to be able to come out here and give back it's just a such a great feeling," Crouch said.

If you would like to donate to the Nebraska Red Cross you can go to and select ‘I want to Support Disaster Relief.’