There was a special celebration at Silverhawk Aviation in Lincoln on Saturday.

It was for the 30th anniversary of the very first StarCare helicopter medical transport mission.

"It means a lot. Really, everybody here is very proud of this program and the history that it has," said Josh Kendrick, a  flight paramedic.

The celebration was open to the public.

There were pilots, nurses, and paramedics in attendance who had participated in some of the 13,000 missions flown by StarCare since 1989.

Kate Finn was the nurse who got the call to ride on the very first transport mission 30 years ago.

"I was on call that night, so I went. I remember when we landed on top of Bryan (Health) there were so many TV camera men and reporters up there that I was wondering how we were going to get the patient through and down to intensive care, so it was a big day," said Finn.

StarCare was notably the first base in Nebraska with a dedicated fixed wing aircraft for air medical missions.

Officials with Air Methods say they hope StarCare's air medical services can continue on for an additional 30 years.