Saturday was the Bennet volunteer fire and rescue annual banquet.

They had a special guest come out from Lincoln, whose life changed forever in a flash.

"It's because of the Bennet Fire and Rescue squad that I am here today, and that I'm alive," said Ina Luhring.

11 years ago, Lincoln woman Ina Luhring was traveling to Bennet when her car tires caught gravel and swerved her off the road.

Her car flipped five times, her arm was amputated, and she was life flighted by StarCare.

She says if it wasn't for Bennet volunteer fire and rescue, she would not have made it.

"I'll always, always be grateful for those folks and the fact that they all stopped what they were doing at that moment when their pagers went off, and they came, and they took care of me. And I'm here because of that," said Luhring.

Luhring was invited to tell her story as a living example of how important rural volunteer fire and rescues are in saving lives.

Luhring now works with younger people suffering from mental illness.