A scary situation developed Sunday morning at a church in northwest Nebraska.

An incident in Sheridan county resulted in a man being shot and killed during a church service.

Authorities say a sheriff's deputy fatally shot a man just inside the church doors at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Rushville, Nebraska.

The 32–year old man was suspected of an assault of another Rushville resident.

Authorities say the deputy used deadly force to protect himself and others from potential harm.

In Lincoln, a gun store owner says there's been a steady uptick in church volunteer groups coming to his gun range to train.

"We've worked with a number of church groups throughout Lincoln to provide some training to their volunteer security staff," said James Clark, Owner of BigShots gun store and gun range in Lincoln.

Clark says his certified gun training instructors have held private sessions with over twenty volunteer groups from various parishes.

"It's not just a willy–nilly, 'hey, I want to carry a gun,.' People are looking to protect themselves and their organizations that they belong to, and they have thought long and hard about this," said Clark.

Clark says for the most part, these volunteers have military or law enforcement backgrounds.

These volunteers must follow the same guidelines as everyone in the state seeking a concealed carry license.

"Most of them require about three to six months of training before they are allowed to operate as a volunteer security person," said Clark.

Clark says schools and churches have become targets for gun violence, in part because very few, or no people are armed there.

He says these people are passionate about protecting themselves, others and their communities.

"It's a tragic turn of events that we have to arm people to protect people when they go to worship, but it's the way that the world has turned," said Clark.

In order to pass the Nebraska concealed carry course, you have to go through an 8-hour long class that ends with a written and shooting test.

A person must pass both of those tests in addition to a criminal background check to receive their license.

If you're interested in learning more about BigShots and their gun training program, head to www.bigshotsrange.com.