At the People's City Mission Help Center hundreds gathered for the ninth annual Cornhusker Bank shoe drive.

“When you come here today and you see the moms and the little kids and people walk in and it's like Christmas because they get a brand new pair of shoes, and the lift that it gives them both from a confidence standpoint as well as value. Bring value into their life that somebody cares,” Barry Lockard the President and CEO of Cornhusker Bank said.

Over the past nine years they have collected around 160,000 pairs of shoes for the People's City Mission, and this year, there were more than 30,000 pairs of donated shoes.

This shoe drive for kids like Julian, having a new pair of shoes truly makes a difference in his life.

"Some of my shoes are ripped down, broken, not like to piece but have rips in them so I like new shoes,” Julian Christenson a 4th grader said.

For some people at this shoe drive like Tasha they don't own a car, so to get around the city, they need to walk to get what they need.

So for her getting a new pair of shoes, it can be life-changing.

"Because I go back and forth from the mission I take things out when I go they be missing when I go back to get them I just need shoes,” Tasha Thomas said.

For the people who are getting a new pair of shoes from this shoe drive, to see the community around them doing what they can to help get them back on their feet it's incredible.

"I mean I know there are loving people out here that's willing to help without cost and it's a blessing,” Thomas said.

Alongside with this shoe drive, Cornhusker Bank also raised more than $10,000 extra which will go into buying more pairs of shoes.