Lincoln Fire and Rescue say a coffee bean roaster in the garage of the home near 27th and Yankee hill sparked the fire Saturday afternoon.

They're still looking into whether or not it was the roaster itself or the extension cord it was plugged into.

Two cars in the garage were completely destroyed and the damage total is nearly $200,000.

No updates on the condition of the person taken to the hospital after the fire.

A fire was reported at 3:19 on Saturday afternoon at 7740 S. 34th St.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue were able to contain the fire in the home to the garage.

The responded quickly to the scene because of two off-duty Lincoln Fire and Rescue firefighters called in the working house fire. 

There was one person who was transported to the hospital, but LFR is not releasing any additional information about the injury. 

Currently, Lincoln Fire and Rescue are investigating the cause of the garage fire.