Now that the emerald ash borer is officially in the city, if you have an ash tree in your yard, you really only have two options: cut it down or get it treated every two years. 

Blue Ox Tree Service has cut down hundreds of trees all over the city since the emerald ash borer was found in central Lincoln. 

"Business has been booming... the phone has been ringing off the hook," Eddie Lankas, arborist with Blue Ox, said. 

The emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle that is guaranteed to kill ash trees. It was found near Pioneers Park last August, and just this week in central Lincoln. 

Lankas said the emerald ash borer has a 100 percent mortality rate when it finds an ash tree. 

If you have an ash tree, and it's still viable, a professional can treat it every two years.

"I drill holes in the base of the tree in the flare roots, insert a plug that's up to 3/8 inch in diameter with a drill hole about half an inch, and then we inject it with chemical that's contained in the tree and that is good for two years," Randall Bollinger, owner and operator of AshSavers, said. 

The treatment professionals use is supposed to be 85 to 95 percent effective. The cost just depends on the size of the tree. 

"If it has value to you, if it has shade or any other kind of value then treatment is a viable option," Bollinger said.