An interesting yet entertaining event took place on the school grounds at North American Martyrs School Wednesday afternoon. Over 500 students gathered around to witness something that doesn't happen everyday: The principal kissing a llama. 

It was all for charity. Over the last month, the school raised money for flood victims by putting jars out with each teacher's picture on it.

Both students and teachers alike have been placing coins and bills into the jars.  Coins were counted as "positive money" while bills counted as "negative money." After canceling out coins and bills, the teacher whose face was on the jar that earned the highest amount of money was considered in first place.

The prize for getting first place was the honor of kissing a llama in front of the students. 

When the fundraiser came to a close, Sister Janelle Buettner, the principal at North American Martyrs School, realized that her jar had earned the most money. She had no choice but to kiss two llamas of her choosing.  

"If they would have been a little more calmer it wouldn't have been so bad," Buettner said. "They are actually very soft I was quite impressed with how soft they were."

The teachers in second and third place had to kiss one llama each. 

The students got quite a kick out of the event.

Over $5,000 was raised for flood victims.