Sometimes, it's tough for kids to have a well–prepared meal.

But next week, Lincoln will see the launch of a kitchen that will make it more accessible.

It's a collaborative project between the Food Bank of Lincoln and Community Action Partnership.

"We're targeting those kids who are most in need in Lincoln for healthy food," said Healthy Food Access Collaboration Manager Ingrid Kirst.

Next Tuesday, the Healthy Food Access Kitchen will be opening at Community Action's location near 2nd and O streets.

It's a 5,000-square-foot commercial kitchen that will be used to cook hot meals with fresh produce.

They'll deliver them to areas of town with the lowest income.

"It can be a real challenge for families to be able to access especially fresh produce," Kirst said.  "It's more expensive for the calories that you get, so sometimes you just don't have that extra money.  It also takes more time to prepare food."

They'll be quite busy.  They said they'll prepare more than 100,000 meals annually.

These meals are free to eligible children participating in the Food Bank's Summer Food Service Program and early care centers across the city.