In honor of National Police Week, members of the Lincoln Police Department, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the Lincoln community gathered to honor eight men who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

"They're part of our history,” Captain Don Scheinost with the Lincoln Police Department said. “Regardless of when they passed, they're part of who they are and what we've become and we have to honor them."

The men’s names are as follows: Captain Charles. E Hall, Special Duty Patrolman Marion. F. Marshall, Officer Richard E. Leyden, Detective Frank H. Soukup, Detective Paul B. Whitehead, Officer George W. Welter and Deputy Sheriff Craig D. Dodge.

The men died during situations law enforcement officers take on every day.

"I don't think people realize every time an officer goes out on a call they have the potential risk of losing their lives,” Assistant Senior Chaplain Nancy Coren said.

Lincoln and Lancaster County are fortunate to have not had an officer killed since 1987, but that doesn’t mean the danger is there.

"Last year 64 men and women in this Lincoln Police Department were assaulted in the performance of their duties, this includes being stabbed, shot, kicked, punched, bit,” Assistant Chief Brian Jackson with the Lincoln Police Department said.

Captain Scheinost said it’s a challenge sometimes, but worth it.

"We try to use officer safety to avoid attacks, you do a lot of things to protect yourself, and also protect citizens,” he said. “It's difficult at times but it's a task we take with great pride and responsibility."

Which makes ceremonies like these even more important; to give people a chance to show law enforcement how thankful residents are.

"If I could rank it one to 10, they'd be at a 20 because they're some of the finest upstanding individuals I've ever met,” Coren said.

Officers said they’re equally thankful for the citizen’s support.