Waitr food delivery app launched on Monday in Lincoln, their first town in Nebraska.

Today, the Waitr app marked it's presence in Lincoln by making a surprise lunch delivery to volunteers at the Lincoln Food Bank. 

"We're thanking them for volunteering their time to come give their time at the Lincoln Food Bank, and for Waitr it's local involvement and giving back to them is rewarding, it's heartwarming and I know that they appreciate that and we appreciate what they do," said Waiter representative Jacqueline Poirrier. 

While establishing their name in town, Waitr pledged to donate 10 percent of all Lincoln market sales in its first month to the Lincoln Food Bank.

New Waitr driver and Lincolnite Nick Skov says being a part of a new company that wants to give back to the community hits home.

"I think it's great, I love the idea of supporting local businesses and giving back to the city. I'm from here, so anything to support it and keep things running around here, I'm all for it and anything I can do to help is a good feeling," said Skov.

Waitr is a free app on all Google and Apple devices. In the app, you can view restaurants' menus and pick exactly what you want. The cost for delivery is 5 dollars flat and there is no order minimum and no order maximum. 

It has partnered with 50 plus local restaurants in town. The list will be expanding even more. 

The process for the restaurants is also just as easy as for the customer. 

"They ring it in online and it pops up, it dings, and we put it in to our system and we make it and then there's a driver that comes and picks up the food and then takes it to the customer," said Rusty Taco employee Brighid Cooney.

If you download the app now and use the promo code GOBIGRED, Waiter will waive any 5 dollar delivery fee through May 31st.