When Jean Chicora broke her back in 2006, she took up metal detecting as a way to get outside and stay fit. 

She's always had an interest in it. 

"The history, you know, finding artifacts, relics, old coins. Things that people held in their hands a couple hundred years ago. It's just fascinating to me," Jean Chicora, metal detector, said. 

Chicora does metal detecting in public places, parks, lakes and if people give her permission, on private land. 

"The way I dig is very clean. I dig in a U-shape divot; extract the target, put everything back and you can't even tell that I've been there," Chicora said. 

Although Chicora has mostly found a lot of artifacts, relics and coins, she's found some people's important belongings. 

"Sometimes I'll run an ad on Facebook or craigslist and some of my Facebook groups and you know, just offer people to help find things," she said. 

An offer she took up? Finding a man's wedding ring in Branched Oak Lake. She searched for three days in the water. 

"I just went along with my feet, and when I'd get a signal, you know, I'd dive down and I'd have my snorkel and mask and it was pretty exciting," she said. 

As far as keeping the items, if she's on private property, she shows the owner everything, if it's gold, she gives it to the police, and some of the other stuff she gives as gifts or just puts in a box. 

Chicora said that if you know the approximate location of where you lost something, she could probably find it for you. 

If you have lost something and would like her to look for it, you can just message her on Facebook.