The home at 6910 Garland Street was built by Lincoln Northeast High School students.

It marks the 25th one built in Lincoln under the supervision of their instructor who has been teaching the class since it began in 1994.

"That's very satisfying, I mean to go by these places and know that we built these and our students built these," Instructor, Bob Freese said.

Lincoln Northeast is the only high school in the capital city to offer a class in which students have the opportunity to help build a home for a  family to live in.

There has been over 600 students that have gone through this class.

"Freese is a great teacher who knows a lot of things and I learned a lot from him," Student, Mason Montgomery said.

The high school has a partnership with Lincoln Authority Housing who owns the property. Their mission is to offer safe and affordable housing for the city of Lincoln.

"You might think oh it's a student built house, there's defaults or flaws in the construction but there aren't because we have a general contractor, the teacher has done 25 of them and it passes all the city inspectors," Lincoln Authority Housing, Bob Higgins said.

The home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and approximately 1,191 square feet of living space. The instructor says he has seen a handful of students leave high school, after taking the class, and go into carpentry or construction fields.

The students and their instructor put in 400 hours of work each semester. One of the students plans on taking it again next year.

"I didn't know where to start, you got to set up plans, you have to do all this other stuff too make the house what it is and to see it form," Montgomery said.

Even though the 25th house is complete, number 26 already has a spot right next door.

"I hope they drive by it in 10 years or 20 years and they are proud of the work that they did, because they should be," Freese said.