Lincoln Police cited a Burger King employee for assault after he allegedly punched a customer several times. 

Police say Timothy Suggs, 45, an employee at the chain's 2504 O Street location, was involved in an argument that included another employee and two customers in the drive-through lane. 

According to the customers, Suggs and the other employee were being rude and had "an attitude," police said. Suggs and the employee contended the customers were swearing at them, refusing to pull forward after they had received their food, and shouting at them to come outside, police said. 

Police said Suggs went outside to confront the customers. One of them, an 18-year-old man, got out of his vehicle and confronted Suggs, police said. Suggs then punched the man 7-8 times, and the man punched him back, police said. 

Police said the victim suffered five swollen knots on his head, redness under his right eye, a laceration on his chin, a split bottom lip, and redness to the sides of his neck. Suggs also had minor injuries to his elbow, jaw, chin, and hand, police said. 

Officers cited and released Suggs for assault.