There was a large crowd that gathered at the Nebraska state capitol building on Tuesday to advocate for a woman's right to choose.

This was in response to a number of other states passing restrictive laws on abortion.

Hundreds of pro-choice supporters came from around the state to attend.

Kathy Fox drove from Omaha to be attend the rally.

She says women's reproductive rights and access to health care is important to her.

"all of the changes that have been happening in states across our country have made me nervous for myself and for my fellow females, and I want to make sure that I'm using my voice and my privilege," said Fox.

Several states, including Alabama, Georgia and Missouri recently passed laws that made abortion illegal after 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.

People who attended Tuesday's rally say they're concerned that this could happen in Nebraska too.

"I think that's terrifying, I think we also know that abortions are not going to stop just because they are illegal so if we really are valuing life, we need to value women's lives as well," said Fox.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has shown public support for the recent action of Alabama and others.

He says Nebraska is a pro–life state, meaning the lives of unborn children must be protected.

He says moving forward, he'd like to work with pro-life state senators to work on a bill similar to those previously mentioned states.

"I would love to work with senators, if they want to pass further pro–life legislation like making that 20 weeks a lesser period of time, I'd absolutely work with senators on our ability to be able to do that," said Ricketts.

People attending the rally say it was empowering to be surrounded by women voicing their opinion.

They also says it's worrisome to think the supreme court ruling of Roe v. Wade, which established that women have the right to abortion, could be undone.

"It's very terrifying to think about us going so far back and going back to really risky situations. We wouldn't take any other type of healthcare backwards," said Fox.

Governor Ricketts says it's too late in the legislative session to form any new bills concerning this issue.

He says it will be addressed next year.