Doane University students and staff are working together to get the university to divest from the fossil fuel industry by 2030.  They will be switching to sustainable technologies through investing in renewable resources as the source of their power. 

Doane currently has two investments in the oil and gas industries that are set to expire in the next 10 years. Through the influence of the student movement, the university has agreed to no longer renew these partnerships. Doane University's agreement is the first in Nebraska. 

"Every time a school divests from fossil fuels, that sends a message through the dollar, essentially, and tells companies that people don't believe and don't think that companies should profit off of climate change," said Climate Reality Leadership Corps student and senior at Doane University, Zach Renshaw. 

The project started with a petition of 500 signatures and a plan that was approved by the board of trustees. The last step has to make it through the finance committee for funding. The green community is a team at Doane and is not going to stop anytime soon. 

"Margaret Mead I guess sums it up well that 'never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world...'  and our student group has less than 10 people in it and we were able to come together and push to do something relatively monumental for Doane and for the state of Nebraska," said Renshaw.

By severing gas and oil ties, the university has to come up with a sustainability plan that will tally up a cost of about 47 thousand dollars. Amanda Mckinney of the Institute for Human and Planetary Health says Doane is well in the process of raising the money.

"It's gonna require not only solar panels, but it's gonna require energy conservation measures, retrofitting buildings, and a whole host of other initiatives in order to accomplish that," said McKinney.