Today was the 28th annual cancer survivors celebration at Sheridan Lutheran Church. Survivors and families alike came together today as one big cancer fighting community. 

"We talked about being grateful for our numerous blessings, focusing on the positives, letting go of the little things," Cancer Survivor Joy Huber said. 

The focus revolved around overcoming cancer once it was diagnosed and how to establish healthy habits to fight other forms of cancer. 

The event held speeches by medical oncologists, mental health professionals and even a yoga instructor.

"So coming together with other survivors, getting to hear the speakers and hear from those in the medical community about advances and epidemiological studies, things we can introduce into our nutrition and diet, things maybe to avoid," Huber said. 

Joys says if you know a cancer survivor, hug them, tell them they have not been forgotten after the battle, and that you are in the war together.