The University of Nebraska Medical Center has recently created a new program that aims at solving the shortage of doctors in hospice care in Nebraska. 

The associate professor and chief of the Department of Internal Medicine’s Division of Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care Medicine said the program will have a positive impact in the area. 

"We know from clinical studies that palliative care, even for those with treatable diseases, can improve outcomes and the quality of life" Dr. Alfred Fisher said. 

The University is partnering with other hospitals to train doctors in hospice and serious illness care. 

The new fellowship program will train three physicians a year. The selected physicians will learn how help patients with pain and depression as well as help patients and their families meet social and spiritual needs.

"Part of this is having those difficult discussions with families to explore the overall direction of care; like does the patient want to continue to pursue aggressive, cure focused treatment or make a transition to a more comfort, symptom based treatment," Fisher said. 

The one year fellowship will begin in July 2020 and will be open to physicians from across the state and nationwide.