Nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, is not just being seen in dentist offices but now delivery rooms.

"It feels like I had a natural birth, like in my mind I had a natural birth which is kind of cool," Mother who used nitrous oxide during labor, Damie Elder-Hiscock said.

CHI St. Elizabeth and Good Life Birth Place are the only ones who offer it in the Lincoln area.

It doesn't necessarily take the pain away but helps moms relax and focus during their delivery.

"It decreases their anxiety and their fear and that will help them feel less pain because they are less anxious," Midwife, Karen McGivney-Liechti said.

One mother, who just had her fourth child, says she was very comfortable using the nitrous oxide because she was able to control the amount she got the entire time.

"It just kind of gives you that separation from the pain so that you can keep in mind that there is an end to this and it isn't just pain for nothing and you are moving forward," Elder-Hiscock said.

Nitrous oxide use to be popular in the delivery room back in the 50's and 60's, but it went away. Doctors now say it's back for women who try to stay away from strong medications.

"We use to give them IV pain medication and that only lasts about 45 minutes and epidural is so much more dense and much more invasive," McGivney-Liechti said.

A lot of moms who are into a more natural birth are interested in using this option. It does not serve as an alternative to an epidural.

"I think it's good having nitrous in the whole continuum of options for women who make the decisions about how they want to manage their birth, she gets to pick," McGivney-Liechti said.

Damie says she can't imagine getting through the labor of her fourth child, Desmond, without the nitrous oxide.

"It's so easy to pull out and it burns out so fast and it acts so fast that ya, it's worth a try," Elder-Hiscock said.