A big night in Lincoln.  Some police recruits graduated.

But also, some Lincoln residents were recognized for their heroic efforts.

"We were going to get lunch, on the way back we got flagged down by a citizen that could not get down on his knees to perform CPR," said Citizen's Lifesaving Award recipient Matt Eilrich.  "So we took it from there."

Eilrich said this happened last November.  He said he and Cole Mahan took turns doing chest compressions on the man until emergency responders arrived.

The man ended up not making it but for their efforts, Mahan and Eilrich both received the Citizen's Lifesaving Award Wednesday night.

"It wasn't the best of endings but it felt good to do something, even though it was fairly small," Eilrich said.  "But it was kind of cool to be presented with an award with a bunch of great other individuals who do a lot more things on a daily basis than we do."

They were among around a dozen citizens who were recognized for attempting life–saving efforts Wednesday night.