On Tuesday, both sides of the Aubrey Trail case gave opening statements in Saline County Court.

Trail, along with Bailey Boswell, is accused of murdering Sydney Loofe and disposing of her remains.

Prosecutors said Trail had planned it with Boswell's help.  They said while they were both in jail, Trail wrote letters to Boswell saying they had talked about making snuff films.

“Now you know it’s all lies and that I planned to kill someone all along and I used you to help me,” Trail allegedly said in one note.

The defense said Trail had killed Loofe on accident.  They said their client was only acting out a sexual fantasy involving autoerotic asphyxiation and that he killed Loofe on accident.

If convicted, Trail faces the death penalty.  There's still no word on whether or not he will testify.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning.


A jury has been seated in the Aubrey Trail murder trial.  Opening arguments are expected this afternoon.  


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The trial of Aubrey Trail, the man charged with murdering Lincoln woman Sydney Loofe, officially began Monday.

Trail, along with Bailey Boswell, is accused of killing Sydney and dumping her remains in November 2017.

The proceedings began Monday with Trail pleading guilty to improper disposal of human skeletal remains

Trail's attorneys said he's maintaining his not guilty pleas to the other charges of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.  They said instead that he accidentally killed Sydney.

If convicted, Trail faces the death penalty.

Also on Monday, court was moved from the Saline County Courthouse to the Wilber Legion Hall for jury selection, which is scheduled to take two days.

Potential jurors were asked if anything they heard in the news regarding the case would interfere with their roles as unbiased jurors, whether or not their stances on the death penalty would impact their service on this case and if they knew anyone on the witness list.

More than 80 people on that list are set to testify.  Trail's attorneys said Boswell is not one of them, but it does include relatives of Boswell and Sydney Loofe.  It also lists law enforcement, representatives of Verizon, Tinder, Google and possibly Apple.

The trial's scheduled to last three weeks.


Aubrey Trail pleaded guilty this morning to the improper disposal of human remains in the death of Lincoln woman Sydney Loofe.  He entered the plea in Saline County District Court and now his trial will get under way.  Jury selection is expected to last two days and his trial is expected to last four weeks.

Trail faces the death penalty on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in Loofe's death.   We have a reporter covering the Trail trial and we'll have complete coverage of the hearing.