7 Day Furniture is building a new store in North Lincoln. It will go up just West of 27th and Fletcher Avenue. 

They say the new location will cement 7 Day Furniture as Lincoln's largest furniture store. It will be a new 100,000 sq. ft. structure with a 30,000 sq ft. warehouse. It will double their inventory currently at their South store of 5601 S. 59th St. 

Owner Rod Kush says the location will make same day furniture accessible to Lincoln and all surrounding areas. 

"They'll have the ability to get furniture. They don't need to go to Omaha, they don't need to go to any other town. They can keep their sales tax for their schools and their roads here in Lincoln, instead of taking it somewhere else," Kush said. 

His two sons will be joining him on the development and will be continuing on with the business. 

"Having interstate access I think makes it easier for people to get here, allowing them a large furniture store to look through and to find items, to be able to come in to a store, to touch it, feel it, sit on it, really get the item that fits their style," Troy Kush said. 

Rod Kush has been selling furniture in Lincoln since 1987.

The new facility will cost $5,000,000 dollars.