Aubrey Trail, who faces faces first degree murder charges in the death of Lincoln woman Sydney Loofe, appeared in court Tuesday for the first time since cutting his throat.

Against the advice of his attorney, the accused murderer broke his silence and testified.

Trail talked about what happened the night Sydney died.  He said Sydney was hanging out with himself and Bailey Boswell at their home the night authorities say she disappeared.

He said his story earlier about it involving a sexual fantasy with two unnamed girls and Sydney was made up.  He's now saying it was just him, Sydney and Boswell that night and that they all agreed on participating in a sex act involving choking.

"I don't know exactly how it'd come to it, but eventually we agreed to a little fun," Trail said.

He said he choked Sydney with a cord while she and Boswell had sex.

But then something went wrong.

"Three or four times into it, Sydney had — I don't know if it was a seizure or what — but that's when she stopped breathing," Trail said.

He said he tried but failed to revive Sydney.

He stuck to his story about disposing of Sydney's body because he feared authorities wouldn't believe her death was an accident.

So he had to get rid of her body.

"I...was thinking of anything," Trail said.  "I mean, I knew that I couldn't leave her in the apartment.  I'm thinking of how to get her out."

Trail said he wanted to get her body out of the apartment without anyone seeing.  He said he wanted to carry Sydney out in a trunk and bury her, but that she just wouldn't fit.

He even said what he used to cut up her body.

"I used a saw that's similar to a hacksaw blade, but it's — I call it a curve saw," Trail said.  "But I drew a picture for the FBI."

Trail said all the things he told the FBI about Clay County being sacred land and laying out Sydney's body parts so she would be reincarnated quicker was just made up.  He said Boswell drove the car and he simply found an area he felt was secluded enough to scatter her remains in.