For six months, they've been researching what the best option's are.

The task force was assembled back in January by then mayor Chris Beutler.

Today, their findings were made public in a 20 page document.

National discussions regarding gun safety took off following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018.

It prompted then Lincoln mayor Chris Beutler to create a task force to take a close look at gun safety.

The task force was made up of 17 community members with diverse backgrounds, including Dr. Dave Miers with Bryan Health.

They met six times, and brought a wide range of ideas.

"We looked at the best practices from around the country and looked at other communities from around the country to find out what are they doing for safe storage or what are they doing to reduce access to children's access to firearms," said Dr. Miers.

One recommendation was to require people to report when a gun is stolen from their vehicle right away.

Another was to have stricter laws on when people are able to re–gain access to firearms, if they are a danger to themselves.

"If we put in a secure measure, we can save lives from suicide, and we know that that's true from other types of violence as well," said Dr. Miers.

The task force wants to expand education for safe storage and even put into place a public service announcement.

"We want to have more of a campaign that was similar to the 'Click it or Ticket', don't let your friends drive drunk, some kind of a catchy AD campaign around safe storage or child access to firearms," said Dr. Miers.

Some of the research dating back to 1995 did suggest that there is a gun access problem in the capital city, with more kids getting their hands on the trigger.

They are tackling the problem like any other public health issue, with education campaigns and safety awareness.

"It was really neat to see the city of Lincoln, folks from around the city and county come together on such a tough topic, and to come together within six meetings with some recommendations to take back to the city council," said Dr. Miers.

If you're interested, the 20-page document can be read in full: 

Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bleimeister also released a statement on LPD's involvement with the task force, saying quote:

“The Mayor’s Child Access to Firearms/Safe Storage Task Force brought about an extensive review of local and national data along with evidence based approaches from communities across the United States. The Lincoln Police Department was fortunate to be part of this collaborative effort where candid conversations brought forward thought provoking dialogue. We are excited to be part of the discussions on the recommendations made by the Task Force. The work by the members of the Task Force will make Lincoln an even safer community.”