Twenty-eight year old Marc Jarrell was identified Thursday as the victim of the homicide that occured near Fairbury, Nebraska on July 1st. 

After hearing of the news, Jarrell's mother, Debrah Kelley spoke with Channel 8. 

"He was an awesome boy, he loved his siblings, his nieces and nephews it was like he lived for his nieces and nephews...he wouldn't hurt anybody," Kelley says. 

Jarrell moved to Lincoln about three years ago. Officials say he was shot to death at Crystal Springs Park just Southwest of Fairbury. Video surveillance showed Jarrell's body falling out of a car, and bullet casing were found in the area. 

So far, five people have been arrested in connection to his death, most recently 20-year-old Logan Evans of Beatrice. Jarrell's mother is in disbelief over the news.

"There's no justice at all that could, I mean, even if they go to jail and prison for murdering my son, that's not going to bring my son back," Kelley says. 

Jarrell's body was found on Monday alongside a road near Fairbury.

Sheriff's officials say they believe they have everyone in custody that were involved in the murder. Officials have not yet said what the motive was, or what led up to the fatal shooting. They are working with other law enforcement to determine one. 

Authorities say over the course of several days, five suspects were arrested on suspicion of various charges in the case. They include 25-year-old Jerry Gilbert, on suspicion of second-degree murder and weapons counts; 21-year-old Caitlyn Grable and 23-year-old Trey Saathoff, both held on suspicion of accessory to second-degree murder and other counts; and 18-year-old Realidy Schram and 20-year-old Logan Evans, both on suspicion of accessory to second-degree murder.