For all cart enthusiasts and those just browsing, the Lancaster event center is hosting a car auction in partnership with SG Auction this Friday and Saturday. 

About 300 classic cars showed up for auction to a packed house this Friday. 


SG Auction is based out of Minnesota, but came to Lincoln after they got word that Lincoln, Nebraska has an excellent automotive scene. 

They say some of the cars are the best cars they've had at any other auction.

"Kind of the rock show, the circus is in town type of atmosphere, a lot of people are smiling having a great time in the crowd," co-founder of SG Auction J.C. Nerstad said. 

They say the cars range from the price of a lawn ornament to ones that push a pretty penny.

"There is a car here for everybody. A few of the first cars sold for 200 to 400 dollars, and i expect a couple cars to sell for well over 200,000 later today and tomorrow," Nerstad said.

By the time it's all said and done, SG Auction expects to sell about 4 million dollars worth of cars.

"There's a lot of younger people in the crowd here, which are buying their first classic car, which is good, we want to keep the whole thing going in the country as far as the classic world," Nerstad said.

"If my grandpa buys a car, I get a Camaro and the car he gets from here, my brother gets the blue truck," 11-year-old classic car buyer Landon Skyberg said. 

Landon says he will be dipping into his college fund and is working hard this summer to save up enough money to buy his dream muscle car off his grandfather, who's also here today in hopes to pick up a Chevy Nova.

"We basically do fence jobs and we tear down stuff. I'm hoping to get even a nova or something, even though we have a Camaro here outside, but I'm feeling good about just watching the cars getting sold. Hopefully I get one," Skyberg said. 

In all, the Lincoln community has been very receptive of the guests.

"The Lancaster event center is working really well here, it's air conditioned, that's why it's working so well, but in all seriousness, they've been really good to work well with, as well as the community," Nerstad said.

The auction is done for today, but it picks up again tomorrow. Doors open at 8. The auction starts at 11.

Admission and bidder admission is free.