Happy National Ice Cream Day! The day is being celebrated across the nation, including here in Lincoln at a local ice creamery, (402) Creamery, with special giveaways.

"This is a big day for us. . .if you need an excuse to come out and eat ice cream, what better way to come out and eat ice cream on national ice cream day," says owner Tyler Mannix, who opened the shop in 2017. 

(402) Creamery, located in the Haymarket, is locally owned and operated. 

"Nebraska, born and raised," Mannix says. 

The creamery makes homemade ice cream from scratch, and offers a variety of signature and seasonal flavors. 

The business is marking the special day not only with ice cream, but with free stuff. 

"We had a couple giveaways on social media, the first one was for you and three friends to win an ice cream social, we did that and we also have another giveaway today [Sunday] for some swag, free t-shirts and things like that," Mannix says. 

(402) Creamery is open until 10 o'clock daily, so if you haven't had your celebratory ice cream yet, there is still plenty of time.