After three years, Lancaster County bridge G–111 has officially reopened.

The county engineer along with the county commissioner held a small ceremony to document their progress in fixing one of the many closed structures in Lancaster County.

The bridge is located near 112th and Alvo streets and is expected to have a heavy traffic flow.

"So just getting this open is a big deal to the businesses and civic uses of this area as well as the citizens in this area," County engineer Pam Dingman said.

The bridge was closed after flooding compromised its structure in 2015.

Although this opening is a step in the right direction, the county commissioner and county engineer are still aware that the floods this year caused a number of roads to close but they're actively working to fix them.

"This is actually the third bridge that we have reopened since so we are excited to have the opportunity to get some of these roads back open. We know that we still have about 20 closed so we are just going to keep working on them as soon as we can," Dingman said. 

A draft budget to get those roads fixed was submitted to the state but the final budget will not get approved until late September.

Dingman said with her budget being reduced, she foresees only one of those roads reopening next year, but hopes to have three more structures opening by the end of this summer.

Not only did they reopen the bridge they also upgraded its structure converting it to a box culvert so it could handle more severe conditions.

County Commissioner, Rick Vest, says this was a team effort.

"We feel very fortunate to have people like Pam and her team to be working as quickly as they can because it's a lot of responsibility they take on," Vest said.

Dingman says the process of rebuilding these structures takes a long period of time.

"Some of those structures are going to have to be completely rebuilt and really the standard time to look at for redesigning and rebuilding a bridge is two to three years," Dingman said. 

Dingman also said she will be holding meetings with the city of Waverly and Hickman regarding potential wheel tax, this week.