UNL professor David Swanson has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.

53 year old Swanson was killed in a car accident in Minnesota.

The crash left his wife in critical condition and three of his children injured, but alright.

Officials say the Swanson's vehicle was hit by another driver who ran a stop sign.

"He was the ideal family man. I knew his family pretty well and he had good qualities all around," colleague Garhan Attebury. 

Swanson started working at the university in 1999 and was promoted to director of the Holland Computing Center in 2005.

Channel 8 interviewed Swanson in 2001 about a super computer the university was installing called "prairie fire".

"For instance in the total storage we can probably store roughly all the books in the library of congress. We can do computations several hundred to a thousand times faster than your average desktop  computer," David Swanson said.

Those we spoke to say everyone who came in contact with Swanson was left with a positive memory and a mutual respect for his hard work and welcoming personality.

"Dave was a ball of life and energy and he had a way of pulling you into his world and helping you understand what he's doing and the stuff that was going on around him," colleague Dr. Carl Lundstedt said.

With a dedication to his family and an overwhelming amount of love for his peers, Swanson's impact is one that will live on.

" I would say that he's had a really big impact on the community and on the university," Attebury said.

If you'd like to donate to the Swanson family, you can go to any Union Bank and mention the David & Ronda Swanson family.